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Tom Vigneri
     When STUDIO G produces a show, it relies on the technical skills of Tom Vigneri to design and implement lighting, sound and recording. Tom brings the production skills he learned working as a television Producer/Director to STUDIO G.
     He shares creative responsibilities at STUDIO G.
     Tom is currently writing and producing a radio drama, “The Frank Garratt Mysteries”. He has also written a murder-mystery play for Studio G’s “Who Dunnit” series, titled “Ace Cashes In”. Tom created and developed, a web channel, designed to be Entertaining, Informative and Educational. GVE-TV affords local writers, singers and performers a platform to organize and publish their audio and video productions on the internet.
     He directed, shot and edited many of the videos found on the channel including the music video “Don’t Worry about Me” and the series “A Kid’s View”. He produced and engineered the CD “Step Up for Freedom” for Kentucky poet, C.A. Shelley, as well as designing the graphic look on the CD’s packaging.
     He designs the graphics used in STUDIO G productions, including ads, posters, CD covers and ad specialties.
     Tom’s writing credits also includes the original “Haunted Frontier” script for Fort Harrod Drama Productions; the “Haunted Fort’ for Fort Harrod State Park; and, the historical play “A Simple Life: The Shakers of Pleasant Hill” a school program for elementary students. He co-wrote the movie script, “A Veteran’s Homecoming: The Story of Daniel”.
     Tom has worked in Media and Public Relations since 1970. He currently is the Senior Producer/Director at WKYT-TV. In 2007 he directed WKYT’s first High Definition newscast. It was also the first High Definition newscast in the state of Kentucky.
     His credits include directing Miss Kentucky Pageant telecasts, directing “The Kentucky Christmas Chorus”, producing and directing “The Cardinal Hill Telethon”. He also produced and wrote “Gift from the Dessert: The Arabian Horse” and “The Essence of the Game” for the Kentucky High School Athletic Hall of Fame.
     He was the original director on “The McLean Family Band”, a Bluegrass music program developed for Syndication in the early 1980s. He also served as co-producer during the show’s second season.
     Tom also taught at the post secondary level. He was the senior Broadcasting instructor at Fugazzi Junior College, Lexington, KY, and taught Advertising, Radio and Television Production Techniques, Station Operations and Media Writing.
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