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Video & Audio Productions

     GV Video & Audio works with clients to produce video and audio projects for commercials, events, industrial uses and music videos. 


        We bring 30 years of video production experience to the  community.  Experience producing, writing, directing, shooting and editing all type of productions from commercials to a sydicated music program to industrial videos for IBM and Hardies to telethons. 


        And we produce/edit audio for competitions, commerials, radio programs and dramas.



Ongoing Projects
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Video Production for
Businesses - Musicians - Individuals

The standard music video - This would be anything staged, with props, costumes, scripts, extras, and synced to the studio recording of the track.

Interviews – Fans love to hear about the inspiration for songs, the meaning behind lyrics, the band chemistry, the drama, the highs…so give it to them. Get someone you know to interview you, or interview yourself.

Mini-documentary – Tells your story. Not much of a story to tell yet? Then make it a very short mini-documentary. People don’t have the attention span for much more these days anyway.

Video press kit – A quick (1-5 minute) movie that sells the story of your story.

Photo Montage – Add a slide show of photos to your studio recordings and post them so fans can “listen” to your songs on YouTube.
Stock/archival footage – The video uses only free archival footage. A great option when you
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